[Can you eat shrimp after eating durian]_ Durian_Shrimp_Eating Taboo

[Can you eat shrimp after eating durian]_ Durian_Shrimp_Eating Taboo

Durian is a fruit with excellent nutritional value, and is known as the “king of fruits”.

Durian is a hot fruit, which will make people feel warm after eating, and it has certain benefits for coldness. Shrimp is a cold food. If you eat shrimp just after eating durian, it will easily cause diarrhea.

First, can I eat shrimp after eating durian? Although durian is good, too much can easily lead to dryness.

It is best to eat shrimp half an hour after eating durian to avoid diarrhea.

Shrimp is a seafood food, which also contains a certain amount of selenide and certain metal elements; durian is a fruit and contains vitamin C.

Shrimp is a seafood product with potentially high protein and high nutritional value. Can durian be eaten with shrimp?

The following is a detailed introduction for you.

The doctor suggested that durian is rich in vitamin C, which can reduce the metal in seafood, so that some people will have diarrhea, and people with good constitution may not respond.

Second, how to choose mature durian 1, appearance: to choose long, tail is pointed.

Choose a big one, with a mace-like appearance, and a few small ones.

The more the hills, the more meat there is, and the bigger the head, the more water there is.

2, the number of petals: the more the better, the more meat the more.

3, color: yellowish, cracked, more familiar.

4, crack: durian must look at the crack, thin skin is good, thin skin means that durian flesh is a bit open and cooked, it is more sweet and delicious, but the shell can not be opened for too long, cookedToo much is rotten.

Durian does not have to be open. It is good. Many durians in the supermarket are raw and open. They are not naturally cooked and cracked, so they are not delicious.

5. Taste: Smell enough to smell fragrant, not smelly enough.

Naturally cooked durian will be thick and non-irritating even if there is no crack. It has a thickness of 6, soft hardness: pinch two adjacent thorns with your hands, it is easy to stick together and it is ripe.